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Advice Tailored to Meet Your Needs

Areas of Service


Portfolio Management

When it comes to objectives and risk tolerance, each investors situation is unique.  We work with our clients to fully understand their goals in order to create a balanced portfolio tailored to meet your individual needs.

Investment Strategies

We consider long-term buy-and-hold investment strategies to be the best options for all investors.  Our firm utilizes proven strategies that have withstood the test of time.  We identify your investment objectives and measure your risk tolerance in order to create a unique strategy for you within these parameters.

Wealth Management

Often times we refer to ourselves as "life advisers" for our clients.  Our relationship with you will consist of more than just your investments; we want to help you make the best financial decisions in all aspects of your life, whether that be insurance, home and property ownership, education savings, or credit management.  Let us help you take a holistic approach to the financial decisions you make.

Retirement Planning

Most of us, at some point or another, reach a point in life when paid work ends.  Whether you are beginning your career or tapering down to retirement, let us help you determine when you are able to retire comfortably.

Estate Planning

Many investors don't consider the importance of estate planning.  Our investment strategy and portfolio construction are created with your estate planning needs in mind, including charitable giving strategies, trust services, and legacy inclinations.

Income Distribution

After spending your life saving in preparation for your retirement, you now have to make sure those savings last you and your loved ones' remaining years.  We can help you look at your entire portfolio and identify how to distribute assets from your accounts in the most effective manner as a means to meet your goals.

ONgoing Portfolio Monitoring

While our investment strategies tend to be passive, we pride ourselves in the active approach we take towards each client relationship.  We review client accounts at a minimum of once a quarter in order to ensure your investments stay in line with your goals.

Coordination with professionals

The relationship we share with our clients is very important to us.  As we get to know you, we also want to build a relationship with other professionals who assist you, whether that be accountants, attorneys, brokers, etc.

Charitable Giving

Giving is a great way to make a lasting impact for a charitable organization.  If you are considering making charitable donations at some point in the future we can help you develop a strategy which will make the most out of your giving.